Dear Community,

As you may know, the District has been engaged in the process of selling a portion of the property it owns at the corner of Woodbury Road and Jericho Turnpike. In September, a contract of sale was executed with the Basser-Kaufman Development company.

More recently, the developer has asked that the District consider amending the contract to sell a larger parcel in exchange for additional compensation and improvements to the Walt Whitman Elementary School campus. The Administration conveyed the request to the Board, and the Board in turn directed the Administration to seek public comment from the district-at-large (through a public forum held on 11/29) and the Walt Whitman PTA (at their meeting on 12/7).

The Board specifically asked for this feedback to better evaluate the proposal they have been asked to consider. It is important to note that the Board has not yet met to discuss that feedback, nor have any decisions been made about whether or when to bring the proposal for a vote. The agenda for the December 19th meeting has yet to be determined. As is customary, once the Board develops the agenda, it is routinely posted to the District website on the Friday before the Board meeting.

The Board anticipated discussion and differences of opinion when it directed the Administration to seek public input. The Board believes this process can be transparent and healthy when the public has accurate facts. Unfortunately, a number of inaccurate statements have been circulating in the community, undermining this process. The District will shortly produce a “Questions and Answers” document to respond in writing to some of the questions residents asked at the public forums and to ensure the public remains factually informed.

At every milestone in this process, the Board has held public meetings and/or discussions. The best way to remain accurately apprised of future developments is to follow the official communications of the District.

For the Board,
Dr. Michael Cohen, President
Ms. April Neuendorf, Vice-President