The Syosset Central School District wishes to advise you that it has made complaints to the Nassau County Police Department and the state Office of Information Technology Services that an individual unlawfully accessed the School District’s Infinite Campus student information system without authorization.
A review of the School District’s computer network security has revealed no evidence that the breach is widespread, but was rather a single, brief instance affecting only a limited number of records of students attending South Woods Middle School and Syosset High School.  It does not appear at this time that the individual in question copied and/or downloaded any of the data that was exposed, nor further disclosed any data to others. Moreover, we have confirmed that no information, including grades or exam scores, was altered in any way. Nevertheless, we have notified all potentially affected individuals.
The safety and security of our student population is of paramount importance to the school district. The potential violation of the personal privacy of some students is a serious concern and, as such, the school district will continue to work closely with local law enforcement officials and computer security experts to enhance our protections so that a future breach is avoided.