Peace, Love and Pizza

Syosset High School’s Students Against Violence Everywhere club recently held its annual “Peace, Love and Pizza Day,” an event designed to create a friendly, inclusive environment that discourages bullying behavior during lunch periods.  

Lunch tables were pushed together and students ‘mixed it up’ as they enjoyed musical and speaking performances, karaoke, and games such as Kan Jam and ping pong. One of the signature activities was a human scavenger hunt, as students jumped out of their comfort zones to make new friends. Each participant was asked to ‘hunt’ for other students outside of their typical circle of friends based on varying distinguishing characteristics (for example, seek out someone they didn’t know who has braces, or someone wearing purple or orange or donning a peace sign). Groups of eight that connected were deemed winners and broke bread over a large round pizza pie.

“Peace, Love and Pizza Day” is held in conjunction with national “Mix it Up at Lunch Day” in which students across the country are encouraged to make a concerted effort to interact with new people. Thanks to funding from the Student Council, the SAVE club provided 10 large cheese pizzas to qualifying scavenger hunt winners in each lunch period. Frank's Gourmet Pizzeria in Woodbury provided an additional 50 pies for winning groups. SAVE club co-presidents Katie Milas and Lauren Tufano coordinated the activity. Physics teacher Richard Slesinski is their adviser.