Striking a Pose for Cultural Learning


Third-graders at Baylis Elementary School recently highlighted their studies of other cultures and countries with the school’s sixth annual Cultural Wax Museum.

Students “journeyed” to countries such as Australia, China, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico and South Korea to study the different architecture, rich customs and traditions, cultural arts and even fine cuisine of the lands. After reading and writing about what they had learned, they created slideshows to help illustrate their points. As a culminating piece to the unit, they dressed in costumes to depict the culture they studied. Parents were invited to Baylis for an official wax museum walkthrough in the school gymnasium, with student exhibitors maintaining various poses.

As they compared and contrasted the different cultures and communities, students sharpened their literacy skills while gaining a new respect and empathy for both the similarities and differences of people throughout the world.