BOE Experiences Technology in Action


The Syosset Board of Education recently conducted a tour of the district’s schools to get a firsthand look at some of the instructional technology being put to use by students in different grade levels.

The board experienced how the use of Chromebooks as digital notebooks in class has changed the way students are learning, researching, journaling and completing assignments; how exposure to robotics is inspiring ingenuity in young and older students and how different digital online resources are allowing students to connect, and in some cases, make an impact on others around the world.

Board members had the opportunity to operate robots through the SySTEM Robotics program at Syosset High School; help fourth-graders at A.P. Willits Elementary School solve a mystery using their Chromebooks and witness how third-grade students at Baylis Elementary School are making “Small Changes” to benefit the environment, endangered species and people around the world using Google Earth and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots website.

Every school in the Syosset Central School District showcased its students’ and their mastery of the new digital tools. Board members left every stop impressed with what they experienced.