This is an update on the preliminary results the District has received on the water fountains at Baylis and Robbins Lane. Any fountains containing elevated levels of lead have been removed from service and will remain so. The District has been in consultation with the chief school physician. While elevated levels of lead were found in some of the fountains at Baylis and Robbins Lane Elementary Schools, we are advised that it is unlikely that exposure to this level of lead from the water fountains would be harmful. You may nevertheless choose to consider discussing this with your pediatrician.

As we noted previously, the District's water testing (and re-testing) has not been completed and given the large number of samples, we anticipate that additional results will become available periodically over the course of the next several weeks. We have created a resource page on the District's website where we will post results as we receive them. If additional contaminated sites are identified, we will proactively inform the parent community at that building. When all test results are complete, a copy of the final results will be posted for inspection by the public, and the public will be notified that testing is complete.

The District currently has more than 40 "hydration stations" (containing a filtration system) among its 10 buildings and we will continue to encourage their use.

The water testing progress report can be accessed by clicking here.