Colonial Times Revisited

South Grove Elementary School recently took fourth-graders on a trip back in time in the comforts of the school’s all-purpose room. As a culmination to their unit on the Colonial period, students participated in popular games and activities of the time. Stations were set up to make candles and sachets, play the stick toss game, try out the whirligig toy and create silhouettes.

Students learned that candles were the primary source of light back then, while sachets were used to keep Colonists smelling fresh, as they did not bathe as frequently as we do today. Native Americans taught Colonists the popular stick toss game, and since only the very wealthy could afford portraits of themselves painted in oils, silhouettes were very popular.

“We want students to be involved in the curriculum and get excited about what they are learning,” said teacher Jody Braun, who organized the event with teacher Marie Wood. “When you make history come alive, it makes learning really interesting.”