Bringing Community Together for Multicultural Studies


H.B. Thompson Middle School held its annual Multicultural Week in January, sponsored by the World Language Department and its teachers. Students were engaged in approximately 40 presentations by staff from the building and around the district that included presentations on dance lessons from Israel, Greece and Latin America, crepe preparation, music of the world, and language presentations ranging from American Sign Language to Russian and Yiddish. Each morning, students delivered the daily announcements in a different language with a staff member serving as a mystery voice.

Multicultural Week at HBT culminated with a Multicultural Exposition, consisting of more than 70 exhibits representing every continent. Parents worked with students and gave presentations about their cultures, covering countries such as Costa Rica, Japan, China, Korea, India and Pakistan. Chinese ribbon and Indian dance demonstrations filled out the event, capping off a week of fun and cultural pride for everyone involved.