High School Gets Eighth Graders Ready


Syosset High School opened its doors to the current eighth-grade class and parents for an evening orientation to provide an overview of the many unique and important programs that will be available to them upon their arrival at Syosset High School in September 2016.

Following a presentation in the auditorium given by Principal Dr. Giovanni Durante, parents and students were invited to the gymnasium, where numerous information stations for different programs were manned by teachers and students. Stations covered the different core subject areas, as well as some special programs, including Mathletes, Science Olympiad and the forensics debate team.

Guidance counselors were also on hand to provide high school statistics and course information and answer any questions. The Syosset High School girls a cappella group The Adelettes and the boys a cappella group Choral Pride provided entertainment to visitors as they made their way from the auditorium to the gymnasium.

Counselors will meet with eighth-grade students as a follow-up. An orientation will also be held in late August for the incoming group. Based on this year’s class, approximately 525 new students will enter Syosset High School in September.