Dr. Rogers Meets with Student Ambassadors

Syosset Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Rogers and members of the central administration team recently met with the Superintendent’s Student Cabinet to learn more about life at the schools and to listen to any student concerns.

The Superintendent’s Student Cabinet is comprised of student ambassadors from every school in the district who serve as the voice for their respective student bodies. At the most recent meeting, Cabinet members provided positive feedback about their schools and offered suggestions based on input from their schoolmates. They also gained insight into how the administration handles the operation of its 10 schools and addresses varying issues that arise.

The Cabinet consists of two groups: one representing elementary-level students and one for the secondary (middle and high school) students.

“In the end, only the students themselves can truly describe the experience of being served by our schools,” said Rogers. These conversations offer an important perspective and a reminder of who we’re working for.”