Kindergarten students at Baylis School put on a fabulous Thanksgiving show for their parents, special guests and Superintendent Dr. Rogers. Teachers Emily Buckley (music), Linda Pizzarelli, Cara Trotta and Peggy Ward prepared the children for this special day.

Students were adorably dressed as Pilgrims, Native Americans and turkeys as they sang and danced to traditional Thanksgiving songs along with some Baylis favorites. The show started with children entering to the song “Pilgrims Are Marching.” The song “We Are All Connected” reminded everyone that all of Earth’s creatures live as one and we are all connected. As the children sang the chorus to this song they joined hands and swayed back and forth. Everyone on hand enjoyed a laugh during our ‘Turkey Ran Away,’ as children acted as the turkey, the bread, a cranberry, a pumpkin and an apple and ran so they would not become a roast, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and cider on our Thanksgiving tables.

After the show, the children enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving snack.