South Grove’s Vocabulary Halloween Parade!

On Halloween, Friday, October 30, 2015 the kindergarten and first- grade students at South Grove Elementary School celebrated their love of words.

The students thought of many, varied and unusual words to describe their costume. They then chose one word to highlight and add to their costume for the parade. The students made words walk and talk!  They marched through the crowded path of family members between the annex and main building. Family members were in amazement as they watched this magnificent parade of costumed words! We even had a special visit from our Superintendent, Dr. Rogers who also posed for pictures with some of our students.

You could see students dressed as police officers and super heroes with words of heroic, intelligent and responsible attached to them. Princesses were dressed with words of fancy, enchanted, ecstatic, beautiful and glamorous. A ninja turtle was also spotted with his word- amphibian.

Even the teachers and faculty at the annex participated and dressed as super teachers with their describing word on their cape. The students marched proudly into the upper grade classrooms to show their ingenuity. The students brought delight to everyone while making words memorable for all.