Robbins Lane Kids Pay It Forward

Robbins Lane Elementary School is paying it forward, specifically to another elementary school — P.S. 346 in Brooklyn. Following a character education presentation given by the NED Show, which centers on a lovable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best, the Robbins Lane PTA Character Education Committee launched a student yo-yo sale fundraiser and will be donating the proceeds to their Brooklyn friends so the school can host a NED assembly of their own.

NED encourages students to help others and pay it forward any way they can. Through the hard work of Robbins Lane PRIDE Committee, Arts In Education Committee leadership, and student council members who managed the sales efforts before school, Robbins Lane has raised enough funds to pay it forward so that additional schools can benefit from the NED program.

“It’s truly been a spirited team effort between the students, parents and school leadership,” said Wendy Kaplan, PTA co-chair of the Robbins Lane Character Education Committee and organizer of the effort. “Our kids are setting the ultimate example of paying it forward by helping their peers in others schools. While our kids may not know the children at P.S. 346 and the other schools we plan to support, they know the value of their efforts and want others to experience what they have, and hopefully draw from the same inspiration to help someone else.”