Mrs. Stollow Goes to Harvard

Linda Stollow, a science teacher at South Woods Middle School, was named “Distinguished teacher for 2015” by the Harvard Club of Long Island.  Stollow was also awarded the Fellowship Award, which provided her with a fantastic “Harvard Experience” this September as she visited the university in Cambridge Massachusetts. 

Michelle Long, Stollow’s former student, nominated her for the honor. During her trip to Harvard, Stollow thanked Michelle and even attended some classes with her. Stollow also thanked Dr. Judith Esterquest of the Harvard Club of Long Island, the Chair of the Distinguished Teacher Selection Committee.

During her trip, Stollow visited the amazing Science Center, with collections of scientific instruments and the Mark 1 Computer.  At the Peabody Natural History Museum she saw the incredible, enormous glass flower displays and artifacts of different cultures of the world.  She marveled at the Houghton rare book library, which was so impressive and serene with wonderful selections of Walter Crane, an English artist and illustrator of the Toy Books for Houghton.  In the Fogg Art Museum, Stollow viewed works from ancient to contemporary time.  At the Museum of Natural History she was awed by the collection of rocks and different animal species. It was impressive to also see the Sanders Lecture Hall, Annenberg Hall and the beautiful Widener Library.

Stollow was excited to attend classes with Michelle Long, including Contemporary Astrophysics, Organic Chemistry, Science, Technology and Society in Modern Eastern Asia and a Swahili class. “Michelle Long is a kind, caring, enthusiastic individual with great intellectual strengths and is enjoying her experiences at Harvard,” said Stollow. “It has been special for me as a teacher to be a little part of a spark in my student’s life.”